The Trend Follower

We Spot For Profitable Trend And Ride On It

Trend is the general direction of the price of an asset or market in general. A trend can apply to equities, bonds, commodities, and any other market which is characterized by a long-term movement in price or volume.

What is Trend Analysis?

Trend Analysis is one of the most effective and easy to use methods for making money in the market. The success of Trend Analysis depends on the ability to identify and catching the trend after it started and getting out of  the trend as soon as possible after the trend reverses.

Trend Analysis involves taking a position in the markets with a view of holding that position for weeks to months for larger than normal gains. Trend followers generally trade the long term or secular trends and are not concerned with the day to day market volatility.

(Long Term Trend Analysis on CARLSBERG Brewery Malaysia Bhd) 

Advantages of Trend Analysis

– Trend Analysis is the fastest and most risk free way to make money in the markets. In trend analysis you can identify a change of trend in the market as early as possible, take your position, ride the trend and close your position shortly after the trend reverses.

-With trend analysis it is very possible to catch 60% to 80% of many intermediate term and long term market movements and thus create wealth for yourself and your family.

-Trend Analysis will help you take large profits out of the market, without having to watch the market or stocks on a minute-by-minute or even day-by-day basis.

-Whether you are a short-term day trader or long-term investor, we believe incorporating Trend Analysis into your overall trading plan is a must. There are two types of trades; “Income Producing” trades and “Wealth building” trades. Swing trading and day trading produce income, while Trend Following picks is designed to amass wealth. Add this wealth building components to your trading today with our Trend Analysis Strategy.  (Source: TradersEdgeIndia)

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