The Malaysia Equity Market Revisiting Its Historical High Resistant


Over the past 2 months the upcoming general election news have been keeping all the retail investors aside. Brokerages houses in Malaysia have been advising clients to stay defensive or stay away from the equity market. While everyone is being fearful, the big players are being greedy as the foreign funds have been seen aggressively pumping funds into the local market bringing the FBMKLCI index revisiting its historical all time high resistant.

Trend Traders Network have been covering on a bullish outlook on the Malaysia equity market since early Year 2012 as we can see the trend in the long term have been staying bullish all the while whether there are any dips in the market is only known as ‘market correction’. The Long Term Trend of the FBMKLCI continues to stay strong as we have yet to see a major trend reversal happening yet. Shall the FBMKLCI were to create a new historical high over the weeks breaking above 1700points will be very possible to happen.

Did you ride on the right sector and right stock?

We have been covering on 2 sectors particularly early this year as our hot pick namely;

1) Oil & Gas Sector (

2) Properties Sector (

These 2 sectors will continue to be the hot pick sectors until their trend show signs of reversal.

“Ride on the trend”

*Not to forget one of the major happenings this week is the U.S Equity Market and the Gold Market. With the S&P 500 index at a historical high, will the gold market eventually go for a bust?*575049_507265035976339_1394698713_n

photo(Founder of Trend Traders Network, Equity Market Investor/Trader, Trend Follower, Financial Speaker)

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