Ting Hai Effect: Adam Cheng


The ‘Ting Hai Effect’, Adam Cheng Effect or Chiu-Koon Effect is perculiar stock market phenomenon. The phenomenon is observed that whenever Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng stars in a new television show/movie, there is a sudden and unexplained drop in the stock market. This is a popular topic amongst stoc brokers, years after the drama series ‘Greed of Man’ was broadcast in Hong Kong in October 1992. The effect is named after Ting Hai, the main antagonist of the show, played by Cheng himself.

Base on the last Ting Hai Effect is on 2009 from March to April. The market drop about 100 points, however after the effect, the share market move up sky high till end of the year. So hopefully same thing will happen this year.



-October 1992: Drama series Greed of Man made its debut on TVB, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index dropped 600 points.

-November 1994: Instinct made its debut on TVB, Hang Seng Index dropped more than 2000 points.

-September 1996: Once upon a Time in Shanghai debut on TVB, Hang Seng Index dropped 300 points.

-June 1997: Cold Blood Warm Heart debut on TVB,  Hang Seng Index dropped.

-December 1997: Legend of Yung Ching, Hang Seng 1.4%.

-June 1999: Lord of imprisonment, Hang Seng Index dropped 6.5%.


-September 2000: A loose sequel of The Greed of Man, Divine Retribution aired on ATV, Due to tech stock bubble at the time, Hang Seng Index fell 1715 points.

-March 2004: Blade Heart, premiered in Hong Kong, Hang Seng Index fell 550 points.

-October 2004: The Conqueror’s Story, premiered in Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index fell 195 points on the day of the premier.

-March 2005: The Prince’s Shadow, the index dropped dropped 100 points.

-July 2007: Return Home, broadcast on the day and Hang Seng index fell 1165 points.

-March 2009: The Snooker King, premiered on Hong Kong, The Hang Seng Index fell 663 points.

-APRIL 2013: Saving General Yang 2013, premiered on Hong Kong, The Hang Seng Index Fell 600 points on the day of premier.






The Ting Hai effect has led to Adam Cheng attracting much press attention. Now, whenever a new show staring Adam Cheng is about to broadcast, some stockbrokers and investors in Hong Kong become wary, even anticipating a drop in market.

While some investors have argued that the effect is no more than a series of coincidences and amounts to nothing more than a self-fulfilling prophecy, the show’s peculiar effect on the stock market is regarded by some as more than coincidence.

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