Malaysia General Election to GLOOM the Stock Market 1st before the BOOM!


Malaysia FBMKLCI Outlook: 23/04/2013
With the Malaysia General Election is coming in less than 2 weeks time, the Malaysia Equity Market FBMKLCI is already losing its momentum with low market participations.
The Malaysia FBMKLCI is officially in a market correction. Minors supports does not serve as an interest to us right now.
We will only look at the most crucial support level (EMA200days) that the Malaysia FBMKLCI Index must sustain over the weeks in order to resume the bull rally.
As long as our market index did not violate its long term crucial support trend, our market will definitely go for a wild bull rally after the election.
Shall our market index violate its long term crucial support trend over the weeks we will be entering a bear market and that will not be a good news to everyone.
(Founder of Trend Traders Network, Equity Market Investor/Trader, Trend Follower, Financial Speaker)

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