The Long Awaited Sector Is Going For A Fierce Sunrise: FBMSCAP Monthly Chart Analysis


The Malaysia FBMSCAP Index


The last bull rally that happened in our Malaysia FBMSmall Caps Sector was back in Year 2009 and Year 2010. 2 years of bull rally eventually ended and ever since then the Small Caps Stocks in Malaysia have been experiencing a sideways downtrend for 2 years in Year 2011 and Year 2012. Typically for the retail investors, its has been rather difficult to search for any investment opportunities in the small caps sector over the past 2 years.

Now in Year 2013, we can finally see a new bull rally  forming in the Small Caps Sector. This bull rally is expected to be a fierce one as majority of the small caps stocks have all rather been sleeping (downtrend) for 2 years. So are you ready to spot for profitable trend and ride on them?

*Nothing Complicated. No Prediction. Just Trend Following*


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