Malaysia Properties Sector Index 1900 Points A Danger!


The Malaysia Properties Sector Index broke out of its 5 years high today closing at 1489 points. While the properties sector has been in a bull rally mode since early 2013, investors/traders have all been riding on a good profits out of the properties stocks. Will the sky be the limit? Take note that majority of the properties stocks have started its uptrend rally in early 2013. No doubt that in the near future there will still be more potential upside gain for the properties sector as it will continue to be the leader among the other sector. 1800-1900 points will be the critical resistant points to take note as what goes up must come down. Buying is easy but selling is always the toughest part when we are doing investing/trading. So by the time the properties sector index reaches to 1800-1900 points it will be advisable to start planning your profit taking point to protect both your capital and profits. Avoid getting trap by buying high and selling low. A market correction is a healthy thing to happen in a market and that is when we start to plan for our next entry setup and continue to ride on the bull rally. Happy Trading and Investing!












(Founder of Trend Traders Network, Private Trader, Financial Speaker)

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