Dear Fairy Flies, you’ve been heard since June 2013: Malaysia FBMKLCI continuous sideways trading since May 2013.

fbmklci dau-crop


Global Markets today continues to trade in a cautious manner as the US. Fed Minutes are due to release tonight. The Malaysia equity market index FBMKLCI has been trading in sideways since May 2013. While the global markets entered into a market correction in June, The FBMKLCI rather did not have a deeper correction as compared to the regional markets. Shall the Malaysia FBMKLCI go for another rally or correction, it need to first show a clear breakout from its sideways trend.

As the Bullish Trend remains intact, retail investors are losing their confidence as the market sentiments continues to be weak. Trade/invest with a plan not with a hope. Take care of your portfolio of stocks instead of worrying too much about the index and the world problems.

Happy Trading/Investing!



(Founder Trend Traders Network, Private Trader, Financial Speaker)

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