IS THE GAME OVER YET? (the follow up)

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Newsletter ISSUE #09 link:

TFM Newsletter Link:

Hi Guys! This is the follow up for last week Newsletter ISSUE #09

Malaysia FBMKLCI Index

Bullish 4 days rebound overcoming its 1st resistant at (1803). This week will be targeting 2nd (1820) & 3rd (1840)



Let us follow up on the stocks from the newsletter

COASTAL (5071)

Hovering at its 1st resistant RM4.00. Targeting 2nd & 3rd resistant for the coming week?




INARI (0166)

4 days of strong rebound has brought INARI hovering near its 3rd resistant RM3.00. 



SUMATEC (1201)

Hovering at its 1st resistant RM0.350. Will be testing 2nd & 3rd resistant this week?




UNISEM (5005)

4 days strong rebound has brought UNISEM to its 3rd resistant RM1.57 and today closed above RM1.57





Majority of the stocks & indices are on a strong rebound this week. But do take note that this is just a rebound. Short Term Trader seeking for quick profits should always know how to start TP their stocks. Of course if you are a Value/Long term investor seeking to buy at bargain price then these are none of your issue. INSTEAD you can make use of these resistant to know where your stocks need to stay above in order to form back a healthy uptrend rallies in the long run.

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